Double Jeapordy was a series of comic strips that ran in The Daily Express newspapers in 1971. It was reprinted along with other James Bond comics in the Golden Ghost paperback book.


After a Museum owner called for several valuable paintings to be shipped to a special gallery, the media became frenzied when it was revealed that the owner had been murdered earlier that morning. Elsewhere, a local aristocrat, Lady Winter was blackmailed with nude photographs of herself that she had never taken. The blackmailer offered to exchange the photographs for information that her husband, the Minister of Defense. Meanwhile, James Bond began to suspect SPECTRE being involved with the recent activities. Sir John Winter was soon narrowed down as the point of a great information leak, and his wife confessed to him shortly before he committed suicide in his study. Bond arrived the next day to ask her about her blackmailing. She told Bond everything before attempting to shoot herself. Bond ten put her description of the Blackmailer through the "Ident-a-kit" and it produced an image of the SPECTRE Agent Pujar. Bond and Bill Tanner then began to connect the crimes when James was sent to Morocco to investigate the Chinese Spy, Fritz Kumura. He was assigned to infiltrate an impenetrable villa, which he does by pretending to drown off the beach within the sight of Lalla Sadub, the only resident of the villa who is ever seen outside of it. He got no information from her, and had to take aerial pictures of the villa to confirm that Pujab, Kumura, Sadub, and a mysterious man named Tatianu, whom Bond was sent to locate, along with a man in bandages. MI6 lastetr contacted Bond and informed him of Tatianu's former profession as a plastic surgeon, causing Bond to suspect plastic surgery as the cause of the mysterious murders. Bond then infiltrates the villa by crashing a hang-glider into it, breaking his leg in the process. He escaped his room in the villa, and saw that the bandaged double was of a diplomat ready to create peace terms between the United States and Soviet Union. Pujar and Kumura then found out James' true identity, and tortured him with electroshock therapy. Sadub was able to save Bond from permanent damage, and they were able to warn the British Representative at the peace-talk, and the impostor was brought down.



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