Dr. Alvarez was a minor character in the 2002 film Die Another Day. He was portrayed by Simón Andreu.

Film biography

Dr. Alvarez was a gene therapist. He leads the field in gene therapy. In creasing the life the Cuban leaders and the riches Westerners. He has a strange clinic in Isla Los Organos. He replaced Colonel Tan-Sun Moon's DNA to give him the appearance of a British Caucasian male called Gustav Graves. And he want to change Zao too. When Jinx arrived to the island Dr. Alvarez explained her his therapy in two phases. First they kill off the bone marrow, wipe the DNA slate clean. Phase two: introduction of new DNA harvested from healthy donors, for example: orphans, runaways, people that won't be missed. It is a painful process. After Jinx gave him the money, he told that he like to think of himself as an artist. Than Jinx told him she think most of artist are only truly appreciated after they are dead, and shot him with her gun.

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