Dr. Doak is a fictional scientist and MI6 operative working at the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility. A minor ally character, he appears in the 1997 James Bond video-game GoldenEye 007, with the facial likeness and name of game developer David Doak.

Game biography

Dr. Doak is a double-agent in the Arkhangelsk chemical weapons facility, on special assignment from MI6. As James Bond's contact, he offers 007 a Door Decoder that allows him access into the bottling area. Bond tells him to escape the facility before his rendezvous with Trevelyan. Dr. Doak takes his advice and leaves before the nerve gas is released. However, Bond can instead choose to murder the defenseless doctor. Dr. Doak is featured in multiplayer as the first Scientist in the character select list.

Behind the scenes

Several members of the game's development staff were featured in the game as generic character faces. Bond's double-agent contact "Dr. Doak" in the "Facility" mission is named after and bears the likeness of David Doak.



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