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Dr. Vogel is a fictional board member of the secretive criminal organization SPECTRE. A minor villain in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, the character was portrayed by British actress Brigitte Millar.


Dr. Vogel was one of the SPECTRE board members who secretly met in Rome following the death of their operative Marco Sciarra. Discussing the organization's recent advances in human trafficking and prostitution, she recounts that since the resignation of the Council on Human Trafficking board, SPECTRE have "placed 160,000 migrated females into the leisure sector." She is briefly interrupted by the entrance of their intimidating leader, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and maintains a reverent silence until given permission to resume her address. Looking to the impending completion of their Global Surveillance initiative, she encourages aggressive expansion; noting that the organization's increased surveillance capability will enable easy counteraction of government intelligence agencies.

After Vogel concludes, the subject turns to the replacement of Sciarra. Eventually SPECTRE assassin Mr. Hinx becomes Sciarra's successor, killing his opponent Guerra with bare hands. During the murder, Vogel demonstratively looks away. The meeting is subsequently disturbed by the presence of James Bond, who has infiltrated the meeting. Blofeld directly addresses the spy from the shadows and an attempt is made to apprehend him, but 007 throws his assailant to his death and escapes through a window. Vogel is not seen again.


  • Her surname Vogel literally translates to bird.
  • Although Vogel only speaks German in the English film, in the German version she is doubled by a native speaker, Krista Birkner.