Ed Killifer is a fictional DEA agent and colleague of Felix Leiter, who turns traitor when he accepts a $2 million bribe to free drug baron Franz Sanchez from U.S. custody. The character appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, portrayed by Everett McGill, and was also featured in John Gardner's accompanying novelization.

Film biography

Killifer is first introduced to Bond at the wedding of Felix and Della Leiter. He congratulates Bond on his capture of drug lord Franz Sanchez earlier that day. He is later seen in a detention center, intimidating Sanchez. Killifer mockingly observes that even the drug lord's infamous $1 million bribe will be of no use to him in the United States. Sanchez corrects him, confidently offering $2 million to the person who liberates him. Apparently infuriated, the DEA agent has to be restrained by his colleague, and angrily states that the drug lord has a prison cell awaiting him in Quantico. Killifer later joins the convoy transporting Sanchez there; travelling in the armored van as a passenger. Without warning, Killifer bludgeons the driver with his shotgun, causing him to lose control of the vehicle, which plunges off Seven Mile Bridge into the deep waters of Key West. Sanchez and Killifer then escape in a Shark Hunter II submersible, courtesy of Sanchez's associate, Milton Krest.

Upon arriving at Krest's Ocean Exotica warehouse, Sanchez honors his bargain and pays the DEA agent with a suitcase full of cash. Krest, concerned that Killifer has seen too much, suggests that he be killed; but is rebuked by Sanchez who notes that loyalty is more important to him than money. Entering into the murky world of drug lord justice, Killifer is present at the maiming of his colleague Felix Leiter and watches as he is slowly lowered into a shark tank. Waiting to be picked up at Krest's warehouse, Killifer hears gunshots outside the office and finds that James Bond has disposed of two guards. Holding 007 at gunpoint with a revolver, he opens the same trap door which was used in the dunking of Leiter. Before he can shoot Bond or usher him into the tank, he is knocked off balance by Leiter's fisherman friend Sharkey, who emerges from another trap door directly below him. Bond seizes the opportunity and punches him into the shark tank. As he dangles from a rope over the water, Killifer offers to split the bribe money with Bond if he saves him. The spy refuses, telling him "You earned it. You keep it, old buddy." and coldly slings the case of money at him, knocking him into the shark tank where he is killed by the same shark who mauled the man he sold out for a fast buck.

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