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Elizabeth Stark is the fictional youngest daughter of the British Prime Minister. The character appears only in the 2005 Video Game From Russia with Love and was portrayed by English singer and songwriter Natasha Bedingfield.

Video Game Biography

From Russia with Love

While at a dinner party held at the Palace of Westminster, London, Elizabeth is kidnapped by the criminal organisation Octopus. James Bond chases her and her kidnappers through the building, and she is eventually brought by jetpack to an Octopus helicopter that was waiting near the Big Ben Clock tower. During her kidnapping, Elizabeth constantly reminded the Octopus soldiers of her father's high place in the government. Bond then dogfights the helicopter with a jetpack he commandeered from other Octopus operatives, and destroyed it. As the helicopter falls, Bond flies through its cabin and rescues Elizabeth.

Behind the scenes

In 2004, English singer and songwriter Natasha Bedingfield showed interest in acting and made her debut in the James Bond video game From Russia with Love in November 2005. She voiced the character Elizabeth Stark, the British Prime Minister's daughter who is kidnapped in the opening sequence.[1] Commenting on starring alongside actor Sean Connery, Bedingfield stated "Obviously, we're co-starring in it together, but he got to record his stuff in his house in the... Is it the Bahamas? Anyway, some island somewhere that's really nice, and I was in LA. So they worked around the stars."[1] Bedingfield commented that she would like to do more acting, but only if the film "was good enough, and it was a role that [would] fit me."[1]



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