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Elvis (Anatole Taubman) - Profile
Character information
Name(s): Elvis
Age: 30s
Died: 2008
Perla de los Dunas, Atacama Desert, Bolivia
Hair/eye color: Blue-grey (Eyes), Brown (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Nationality: Unknown; possibly European
Occupation: Bodyguard, Enforcer
Affiliation: Quantum, Dominic Greene,
Greene Planet
Status: Deceased; blown up
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: Anatole Taubman
First Appearance: Quantum of Solace (Film)
Last Appearance: Quantum of Solace (Film)

Elvis is a henchman belonging to Dominic Greene in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace. He was portrayed by Anatole Taubman.

Film Biography Edit

Elvis is Dominic Greene's right hand man and bodyguard. He is constantly seen accompanying Greene in the film and is known to speak English, Swiss German and French. Elvis is later knocked down a flight of stairs by Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton) and is seen wearing a neck brace for the rest of the film. During the hotel gunfight Elvis stays behind to kill James Bond only to get blown up by a gas tank.

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