Emilio Largo is a fictional operative of SPECTRE who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. The character is a re-imagining of the literary and film character who first appeared in Ian Fleming's 1961 novel Thunderball and was subsequently adapted for EON Productions' 1965 James Bond film of the same name.

Game biography

Introduced during World of Espionage's "Thunderball" mission, Emilio Largo poses as a wealthy treasure hunter as he executes SPECTRE's scheme to hijack a nuclear bomber and its atomic payload in Madagascar. Having delivered the aircraft to Largo, the pilot Captain Vitali, is sent to Shrublands health spa before being assassinated by his handler Fiona Kelley. Bond Largo at a local casino and gathers information on his large vessel, the Disco Volante, moored just off the coast. Bond attempts to swim underwater beneath Largo's boat, but is nearly killed by one of Largo's divers.

He subsequently approaches Largo's girlfriend Domino Vitali in an attempt to gain her favour and tells her that Largo killed her brother, asking for help finding the bombs. While Largo is out drinking with his men (a characteristic which strongly differs from their literary counterparts), the pair search the Disco Volante with a geiger counter. With his suspicions confirmed that the weapons are indeed on-board, Bond approaches the Deuxième Bureau for assistance and is confronted by SPECTRE assassin Fiona Kelley, who attempts to kill him. After a brief struggle, Bond shoots her. Liaising with the CIA and the Deuxième Bureau, 007 conducts a raid on Largo's ship by submarine. Both vessels suffer damage and Largo is eventually shot with a harpoon.

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