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Erich Kriegler (John Wyman) - Profile
Character information
Name(s): Erich Kriegler
Hair/eye color: Blue (Eyes), Blonde (Hair)
Height/weight: -- (Height), -- (Weight)
Nationality: East German
Occupation: Assassin, East German biathlon
Affiliation: KGB
Status: Deceased
Behind the scenes
Role: Henchman
Portrayed By: John Wyman
First Appearance: For Your Eyes Only (Film)
Last Appearance: For Your Eyes Only (Film)

Erich Kriegler is a KGB assassin and East German biathlon who appears in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. He was portrayed by John Wyman.

Film biographyEdit

According to Bibi Dahl, Kriegler "doesn't smoke, only eats health foods, and won't even talk to girls." The KGB assigns Kriegler to help their agent Aris Kristatos salvage the Automatic Targeting Atack Communicator (ATAC) from the wreck of the St. Georges.

Bond encounters Kriegler while the latter competes on a biathlon course at Cortina D'Ampezzo in the Italian Alps. Kriegler first pursues Bond on skies and then chases him on the snow and down a bobsled run while riding a Yamaha XJ500 motorcycle equipped with machine guns. Bond escapes, but Kriegler crashes the motorcycle.

When Kristatos retrieves the ATAC from Bond, Kriegler guards it until the KGB arrives at St. Cyril's Monastery to pay for its delivery. Bond then raids the Monastery and uses a heavy spiked candelabra to push Kriegler headlong through a window, causing the KGB assassin to fall to his death.

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