Eva Adara is a fictional operative of the criminal organisation Octopus. The character appears only in the 2005 Video Game From Russia with Love and was modelled after and voiced by Maria Menounos.

Video Game Biography

Eva is an Octopus agent working with Red Grant. She carries the Lektor device for Grant, and is his driver. She continues his mission after he gets hit by a train in the level "Train". She is last seen in the Octopus base, where she is killed by James Bond while trying to escape the facility in an airplane.


Although her presence in the game is virtually non-existent, as she is only once fought or even encountered in gameplay outside of cutscenes, she is available in From Russia With Love's Multiplayer mode for 40,000 skill points.

This makes her one of the most expensive characters in the game along with Auric Goldfinger and Dr. Julius No, who also cost 40,000. Her character description simply states that she is an OCTOPUS agent working with Red Grant to take down Bond.

Boss Fight

Eva reappears in a mini-boss fight in the final level of the game "Octopus Base" she is very easy and can be beaten simply by flying side to side in the given jetpack and firing missiles at the plane she is in. defeating her will trigger a cutscene in which the burning plane flies into the hangar wall and explodes.



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