Eve Sharma is a fictional senior field agent for MI5, and a main character in the 2016 James Bond comic Eidolon.

Comic Biography


Sharma had long suspected that there was a rogue cell operating within MI5, but became especially suspicious when she had to fight with her boss, Sir Stephen Mackmain, for a case that should have naturally gone to her. She then went to MI6 to ask if they knew anything about the investigation into two gunmen with MI5 weapons kits attacking MI6 Agent 007, and informed them that she would be taking over the investigation. MI6 refused her, but that night she encountered 007 at a bar, where she voiced her suspicions, and insisted that he needed her help. He saw that she was serious, and informed her that there were four SPECTRE agents in MI5, and they formulated a plan to stop them.

The next day, the heads of MI6 and MI5 met with the Security Comissioner to discuss the "Hard Rule", legislation preventing international operatives from MI6 to carry weapons in the United Kingdom. Sharma waited out of sight near the entrance, and waited for Beckett Hawkwood to enter the building after having his mercenaries kill the counter-terrorism security guards. Sharma then took out the guards and burst into the meeting room to fire at Hawkwood, who was keeping the room hostage. She missed, but continued to fight. 007 then entered and shot Mackmain, who was one of the SPECTRE agents along with Hawkwood. Hawkwood escaped in M's car, and Eve attempted to stop him, but was hit by the car and was heavily injured, leaving Bond to finish the chase alone.

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