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The FN P90 is a PDW designed by Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal since 1990 (hence the "90" in its name). The P90 made it's debut in the Bond series beginning with GoldenEye 007; the weapon then made it's first film appearance in The World Is Not Enough, prominently used by the film's villain, Renard and his henchmen. The firearm has been subsequently featured as a weapon in many of the series' video games.

Video-game appearances

GoldenEye (video game)

The FN P90 appears in the popular Nintendo 64 GoldenEye game as the "RC-P90" featuring orange grips and a silver magazine which holds 80 rounds, which is the largest magazine capacity in the entire game, speculated to be a programming error[1]. It can be dual wielded, and was often considered 'overpowered' in Multi-Player. It is one of two weapons used by Xenia Onatopp in the 'Jungle' level, and also appears on the levels 'Caverns', and inside a crate on 'Train' when it is played on 'Agent' difficulty.

The World is Not Enough

The FN P90 appears in the game as the "MB PDW 90" in the Nintendo 64 version and as the "Bequique PS100" in the PlayStation version. In an unusual variation on a common mistake video games make with reloading the P90, the MB PDW 90 has Bond flip up the section of the receiver behind the magazine well in order to remove and replace the magazine.

Agent Under Fire

The FN P90 appears in various levels throughout the game, simply referred to as the "PS100".

007: Nightfire

The FN P90 appears in the PC version of the game as the "Munitions Belga PDW90". It features a green finish on the stock and frame.

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

The P90 is a common weapon carried by enemies in GoldenEye:Rogue Agent. It appears under the name "HS-90"and has a 50 round clip, but it is inaccurate at long ranges. It can be dual wielded by the player or by enemies.

GoldenEye (2010 video game)

The FN P90 appears as the "Vargen". It bears the real weapon's 50 bullet clip, though this can be expanded to 63 bullets with the gadget "high cap magazine". It is a mid-level SMG with a fast rate of fire and medium power. However, it is lacking in accuracy. The Vargen also has a long reload time. It appears in the single player, sometimes bearing a reflex sight, laser sight, or silencer. These same attachments can be equipped to it in the online mode, with the addition of n ACOG scope as well. The Vargen is unlocked at rank 30 in the online mode of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, and at rank 29 of GoldenEye 007 (2010).


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