Fatima Blunt is a fictional undercover journalist who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage.

Game biography

Daughter of a British explorer and a high-ranking Iraqi Baathist general, Fatima was raised between England and the Middle East. Notably, MI6 attempted to recruit her at Cambridge University. Trained as a journalist, her outspoken nature has gotten her into more than a few tight spots, but through a combination of luck, wit and determination, she manages to make the best of her difficulties and move on.[1] James Bond discovers Blunt while searching for rogue bomber Dorian Reid in the 8th century ruins north of Baghdad, Iraq. After she obtains a photograph of Reid, the pair commandeer a jeep and flee from the approaching insurgents.

Bond brings her to his hotel suite and attempts to persuade her to hand over the digital files for upload to MI6. Before she agrees insurgents crash through the ceiling and drag the pair off to a prison facility. Pairing up with one of the guards, Khalid Al Sakran, 007 escapes and searches the prison for the camera and the girl. Later, Reid kidnaps Blunt and ties her to a dirty bomb in the hope of luring the British agent into a trap. Once there, he reveals that his goal is the dissolution of British power by framing 007 and MI6 for the bombing. Bond shoots him and foils his scheme, although Fatima suffers radiation poisoning.

She is skilled in surveillance, stealth and driving, and is multi-lingual, speaking Arabic, English, Turkish and French. The character offers a buff to offence and provides a +10 total defence bonus using plastic guns and +2 stamina using SUV automobiles. She is an 'uncommon agent' (green) and can be levelled to level 15.



  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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