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Felicca is the fictional secretary to Egyptian black market trader Aziz Fekkesh and a supporting Bond Girl and antagonist in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Played by Italian actress Olga Bisera , she was subsequently adapted for Christopher Wood's accompanying novelization,


The gorgeous Felicca works as a low-ranked assistant to Aziz Fekkesh in Cairo. She meets James Bond when he visits Egyptian black market trader Aziz Fekkesh in Egypt. She has orders to entertain and distract him and she does just that. Bond is naturally suspicious of Felicca, but she soon has him enjoying the moment. She asks if “there is anything she can do for him….anything at all?” Bond replies, “Well, I had lunch, but I seemed to have missed desert”. The woman is apparently attracted to 007 as well and allows herself to get a little bit of pleasure during her work. At this he takes her in his arms and the two begin kissing sensually. Felicca seems to really enjoy it and probably wants to go further in the bed, but as the two are kissing, she sees the assassin Sandor in an above window with a gun. Sandor is about to shoot Bond. Felicca panicks and screams to beg the shooter to not kill them. Thanks to that, Bond spins just in time, and Sandor kills Felicca instead, the poor woman being used as a human shield. Bond allows her body to fall to the bed as he goes after Sandor.

This is the last time we see Felicca, and from the shot and the look at her body, it is obvious she did not survive the gun shot. In a few seconds, she met a man that she didn't know before, she kissed him and she lost her life because of him.



  • Felicca possibly works for Karl Stromberg, the villain of the film.
  • Felicca's death is similar to that of Fiona Volpe from Thunderball, although the difference is that Felicca spun herself into the bullet whereas Volpe was used by Bond as a human shield.

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