Felicity Willing is the Owner of the IOAH (International Organization Against Hunger) and is the mastermind behind the events of Jeffery Deaver's 2011 Bond Novel Carte Blanche.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Having grown up in "the bush" Felicity was often made fun of at school as a child. This may have been a driving factor for her rise to villainy. She later was employed at a bank in London, at which she excelled, but found it too easy, and she then turned to the "steeper mountain" of hunger relief. She meets Bond under his cover name of Eugene J. Theron, and they form a short romantic relationship. Felicity actually considers continuing the relationship until Bond reveals his true identity. In her front organization, she seeks to combat western "superfarms" which she claims damage the land and economy. In secret, she, in league with Niall Dunne, embezzle, and extort money from various companies. her master scheme is to use food to fuel a war between Sudan and it's neighboring countries. She is apprehended by Bond in the Sixth Apostle Hotel outside of downtown Cape Town. She is then arrested and taken to an ODG facility.