Felix Bruhl was the main villain in the 1970 James Bond Comic The Golden Ghost.

Comic Biography

Felix was a major promoter for The Golden Ghost, a nuclear-powered dirigible, as well as a former cohort of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. When he hears word of a deal between MI6 and SPECTRE, he sent out a boat of his own to stop SPECTRE from sharing secrets reguarding his plan to hijack the Golden Ghost. Unbeknownst to him, on the ship's maiden voyage, Agent 007 of MI6 was also aboard. A flight attendant soon informed him of a man seeking to interview him, but Bruhl cuts it short after the interviewer (Bond) keeps him from making advances on the attendant. By this time, all but Bruhl, the pilot, and three henchmen had been knocked out with tainted drinks and cigarettes, allowing Bruhl and his men to land the dirigible on a South Atlantic island where he held the passengers Ransom to the British government for ten million pounds, and the ship for another ten million. He then discovered Bond's true identity, and keelhauled Bond through shark-infested waters to set an example for what awaited passengers whose ransom was not paid. When this was over, Bruhl demanded that Velvet Lee be brought to him in his room, but Bond, who had escaped the sharks, stopped his attempted rape and left Bruhl bound and gagged outside. He was later found by the ship's pilot, who informed him that Bond, Lee, and the co-pilot were heading to the ship. the pilot was killed in the firefight, but Bruhl was able to sneak aboard. He waited in the galley until Lee came down and he took her hostage. He then demanded that Bond surrender. When Bond came down, he had the co-pilot send the ship into a dive to throw Bruhl off-balance, and After a fistfight, Bond tricked Bruhl into charging at him, which led to him falling to his death from an exit hatch.

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