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This is a reupload. Old walkthrough had copyright issues. The second intro with the song had to be removed. Sorry. Played on Normal and Hard. And I'd like to hear some feedback as I don't really understand why this gets downvoted. Navigation: 00:01:48 Military Outpost 00:13:42 Arms Bazaar 00:20:10 CMG, Hamburg 00:26:06 Pressing 00:33.25 Hotel Atlantic 00:42:50 Gupta's Convoy 00:48:33 Ski Ridge 00:59:14 CMG. Saigon 01:07:10 Market District 01:20:06 Stealth Boat 01:35:40 Military Outpost [HARD] 01:45:56 Arms Bazaar [HARD] 01:50:41 CMG, Hamburg [HARD] 01:55:30 Pressing [HARD] 01:59:16 Hotel Atlantic [HARD] 02:07:15 Gupta's Convoy [HARD] 02:12:18 Ski Ridge [HARD] 02:21:14 CMG. Saigon [HARD] 02:27:19 Market District [HARD] 02:37:30 Stealth Boat [HARD] 02:48:39 Special Ending

Something tells me that my heroic attempts are pathetic. Here's an upcoming rant/review about the game. I've played it around 12 years ago, such nostalgia. Of course, I played it later too, but the last time was like 7 years ago. Eh, let me begin.

The Graphics and Tech stuff: For 1999 the visuals are kind of cheap. The level geometry is slightly poor/broken. Sometimes there are invisible walls and the opposite. The engine isn't one of the best ones either. The enemies have broken hitbox and if you're standing way too far from them - you won't hit them. Happens that some enemies do not appear and if you turn your camera away from that spot... well get ready to get shot in the back. Some obvious headshots aren't registered. The auto-aim is broken too. It misses if the enemy is running and manual aim is simply way too clumsy. The auto-aim fails when the enemy is above or below you. FPS is usually 20 and drops even to 12 while in sniper mode it goes above 40. Sometimes the enemies can see you through walls. This whole mess ruins the game quite a lot. 5/10

The Audio: Unlike the cheap level design the audio is great. Have no complaints about it except for some downsampled sound/music. 9/10

The Challenge and Gameplay: Most of the challenge is trying to get used to the tanky controls and unfair gameplay... Sometimes you kill an enemy without a scratch, sometimes the same enemy starts to shoot at you and you simply get stunlocked. This happens a lot on 007 difficulty. Result: you having full health and a moment later you're dead. 6/10

The Story: Yeah, loosely based on the movie, whatever. 6/10

Overall: The game is quite enjoyable and I liked it back in the days. It's enjoyable as long as you're not playing it on 007. 6.5/10

And yeah, I really do love the game.

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