Fiona Kelley is a fictional Irish assassin associated with Emilio Largo and the criminal organisation SPECTRE. The character appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage. She was a fusion of the classic Thunderball characters Patricia Fearing and Fiona Volpe, the latter of whom was originally intended by writer Richard Maibaum to be an Irish assassin named "Fiona Kelly".[1]

Game biography

Beautiful, sophisticated , deadly. No one but Fiona truly knows how many British agents and police have fallen for her. She is known to have 17 confirmed kills, including at least one member of the CIA, MI6, CSIS and the Mossad. Unconnected to any of the known Irish independence movements, investigations of her benefactors has repeatedly resulted in the sudden and surprising deaths of the investigating agent.[2] 007 first meets Kelley at the Shrublands spa in Madagascar, where the assassin is posing as one of the spa's therapists, presumably watching over Captain Vitali, the pilot of a stolen atomic bomber. After he recognises the man, it is implied that she sabotages Bond's traction machine. 007 survives the assassination attempt and is later chastised by Kelley whilst searching through a suitcase of unapproved luxury food he smuggled into the spa. After leaving the spa, 007 investigates the missing aircraft and is eventually confronted by the assassin, who attempts to kill him. After a brief struggle, Bond shoots her.

Noted for her manic personality, she is skilled in deception, stealth and firearms, and is multi-lingual, speaking English, Irish, Italian and French. The character offers a buff to Finishing Move thresholds in Conflicts and provides a +10 total defence bonus using plastic guns and a 2% chance to spend zero energy in Missions using cocktail dresses. She is an 'uncommon agent' (green) and can be levelled to level 15.

Behind the scenes

Based on the redheaded femme fatale character "Fiona Kelly" from writer Richard Maibaum's original screenplay for EON Productions' 1965 James Bond film Thunderball, Fiona Kelley borrows heavily from multiple sources inside and outside the official 007 franchise. A scene where Bond is caught with Caviar and Bollinger RD in his luggage, items which are forbidden at the Shrublands spa, seems to owe its existence to a similar scene in the unofficial 1983 film Never Say Never Again. During her final confrontation with 007, Kelley utters "You wouldn't shoot me! You'd miss me.", a line belonging to Sophie Marceau's Elektra King, taken directly from the 1999 film The World Is Not Enough.


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