Fritz Kumura was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Double Jeapordy.

Comic Biography

Kumura was a half-German, half-Japanese CIA agent from Hawaii who grew tired of the racism people showed him and defected to China. On China's behalf, he collaborated with SPECTRE to keep the United States and Soviet Union from reaching peace terms by sending in one of their own agents in place of the U.S. diplomat. SPECTRE and Kumura then hired Dr. Nicolai Basilescu to aid them by using his plastic surgery experience to make an exact double of the diplomat and to switch them before the talk. Kumura and SPECTRE agent Pujar stayed At Basilescu's villa in Morocco, where they tested his expertise with smaller assignments before James Bond crashed his hang-glider into the villa and remained there for treatment. He quickly deduced their scheme, and Kumura captured him and began to torture him with electricity until Lalla Sadub held them at gunpoint and freed him. Kumura attempted to shoot Sadub, but Bond took her dropped gun and shot Kumura, killing him.

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