Gabor is Elektra King's personal and loyal bodyguard in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. He was portrayed by John Seru.

Film biography

Gabor has been with Elektra ever since her kidnapping by terrorist Renard.

He accompanies Elektra when she visits the pipeline site that is under protest and also when Elektra goes skiing, although he doesn't exit the helicopter. He also accompanies Elektra when they visit Valentin Zukovsky's casino. Gabor is also present when M visits Baku and is informed about Renard's plan to blow-up Elektra's oil refinery.

After Mister Bullion explodes his briefcase bomb, Gabor and the other henchmen of Elektra and Renard are waiting outside. They escort Bond and Christmas Jones to the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul where Elektra is waiting. Gabor assists in defending the Tower when Valentin Zukovsky arrives, but is killed by Bond shortly afterward.

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