General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov[1] (Russian: Аркадий Григорович Урумов) is commander of the Russian Space Division, a member of the Janus Syndicate and one of the primary villains in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. He was portrayed by the late German actor Gottfried John.




In 1968, at the age of 18, he graduated from Moscow Military Academy. In 1970, he graduated from the School of Applied Military Science in Kiev. Later that year, he was promoted to Captain and was posted to an advanced Army Missile Test Range from 1970 to 1975.  

In 1975, he was promoted to Major and was assigned to the Soviet Space Division from 1975 to 1981. Ourumov then served in the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan where he survived the explosion of a nearby tank, giving him a phobia of them as a result. Some time later, he was promoted to Colonel and assigned to a Chemical Weapons Facility in Arkhangelsk.

General Ourumov and 006 (GoldenEye)

Ourumov and his forces with Alec as their prisoner.

In 1986, Ourumov appeared trying to stop James Bond from planting explosives in a Russian chemical weapons factory. Due to the explosion of the tanks, he could not kill Bond, and used Alec Trevelyan as a way of getting Bond to come out. When Bond did, Ourumov apparently killed Alec (this is not so). The Russians began to shoot, but Ourumov ordered them to hold their fire, otherwise they would "blow the gas tanks". About to give one last chance to surrender, Ourumov spots Bond escaping via hiding behind a tank. One tense Russian opened fire by accident. Ourumov punished this by shooting him. Bond managed to escape the dam, as did Ourumov.

The Janus Syndicate

The shooting was staged, however. Unbeknownst to Bond, Alec is alive, albeit deeply scarred on the right side of his face. He becomes an international terrorist under the name "Janus" (The two-faced Roman god). Ourumov, supposed to be executed for the destruction of the chemical weapons base, frames one of his soldiers for the incident and is instead promoted to the rank of General, and is placed in charge of the Severnaya Space Facility in Siberia. Ourumov also has the job of employing another member for The Janus Crime Syndicate - he hires Xenia Onatopp, an ex-Soviet fighter pilot, whom he is familiar with. For the next nine years The Janus Crime Syndicate would terrorize Russia without getting caught and all their identities remaining secret and Ourumov was earning more power, which was starting to trouble the Russian Government.

In 1995, the general completes the establishment of their syndicate's greatest weapon: "GoldenEye". Two GoldenEye satellite dishes were built: one in Siberia, and one hidden in Cuba. Anyone who became suspicious of Ourumov ended up dead at the hands, or perhaps the thighs, of Xenia.

General Ourumov and Xenia (GoldenEye)

Ourumov and Onatopp arrive at the bunker

The Syndicate's first act is the theft of the Tiger helicopter - Ourumov and Xenia personally took care of the operation under the strict order of Janus not to fail. They successfully manage to steal it before Bond can stop them, and arrive in Siberia hours later where the second act of their operation would take place. Ourumov made sure to hire the most intelligent computer programmer to take care of the GoldenEye weapon: Boris Grishenko. Ourumov and Xenia enter the satellite base where the corrupt general orders one of his men to give him the GoldenEye and authorization codes they need to testfire the GoldenEye. Upon receiving these, Xenia suddenly shoots everyone in the base, and together they arm the GoldenEye to fire on Severnaya in order to eliminate the evidence. The two leave, pleased with their success, not knowing one person is still alive - Natalya Simonova.

Ourumov and Xenia take Boris with them and escape moments before the GoldenEye weapon detonates and their witness, Natalya, narrowly escapes. Afterwards, Ourumov heads back to Russia to report to Defence Minister Dmitri Mishkin. Ourumov soon learns that Simonova is alive and he leaves immediately, frustrated with Xenia's failure to kill "everyone". He assigns Boris and Xenia to find her, which doesn't take them long. Ourumov takes Simonova to Alec's hideout, where he ties her up in the Tiger helicopter to await her death. Bond also ends up in the helicopter, moments after learning that Trevelyan is alive and that he is a traitor. Bond and Natalya escape moments before the Tiger helicopter's heat-seeking missiles fire back on itself, but they are soon caught by Russian troops and taken to the military intelligence archives and locked in a prison cell.

Exposure and downfall

Later, upon hearing that Dimitri Mishkin has Bond and Natalya in custody, Ourumov arrives and storms into the cell where Mishkin is interrogating the pair. Ourumov argues with Mishkin, trying to convince him that Bond is the traitor. Believing Natalya's story concerning Ourumov's treachery, Mishkin yells for a guard to arrest him, but the general quickly shoots Mishkin's bodyguard and then Mishkin himself with Bond's gun. After improvising a cover story, Ourumov then calls for the guards to kill Bond and Simonova. However, the spy hurls a chair into Ourumov's legs and struggles him, then throws him headlong into a wall. While he's dazed, Bond takes on two soldiers who enter the cell, then arms himself before escaping with Simonova. Ourumov leads his soldiers throughout the archives, searching for the pair. Ourumov's men manage to capture Simonova, leaving Bond to escape on his own. Ourumov takes her and one of his men and they escape out onto the streets of St. Petersburg by car, but Bond hijacks a tank and suddenly bursts through a wall in pursuit. He leaves a path of destruction behind him as he chases Ourumov through the busy roads, but the general soon arrives at Alec's converted missile train.

General Ourumov with hostage Natalya (GoldenEye)

Ourumov with hostage Natalya

Ourumov boards the train with Simonova, and explains to Alec that Bond has escaped. Later, their journey is halted by Bond, who uses the hijacked tank to stop the train. He then boards the damaged train and holds Trevelyan and Xenia at gunpoint. Ourumov is called into the room, holding a gun to Simonova's head. Bond reveals to Ourumov that Alec is a Lienz Cossack, leaving Ourumov shocked - however, Trevelyan smooths things over by telling him how rich and powerful he will soon be. He then nods for Ourumov to shoot Simonova, but his real intention is for Ourumov to distract Bond while he and Xenia escape, turning the general into a sacrificial lamb. At this point, Ourumov is too slow and ends up being shot to his death by Bond's Kalashnikov, thereby putting an end to the "Iron Man Of Russia"'s life.

Literary Biography

GoldenEye (novelisation)

During his time as a soldier, Ourumov's T55 tank was attacked by another tank. Ourumov was the only survivor, and the accident left him with a fear of tanks. After his Military Career, he worked as the overseer of the chemical facility near Archangel port, where he met Janus before the laboratory's destruction, and his promotion. He was given a position in the Russian Ministry of Defense, and was placed in charge of the GoldenEye weapon. However, he began to work with the crime boss Janus to help him steal the GoldenEye. Ourumov and Xenia Onatopp were sent to Monacco to steal the experimental Tigre helicopter. They then took it to the Severnaya facility, and set the GoldenEye that was stored there to destroy it before stealing the device, and flying away. After reporting the attack as the work of Siberian Separatists to Minister of Defense Viktor Mishkin, he was informed that a Severnaya worker had escaped. After trying desperately to find this one person who may have seen him at the facility before detonation, he discovered that James Bond and the programmer Natalya Simonova were being interrogated by Mishkin. Ourumov burst in on the interrogation to defend himself against any possible hints that he was not loyal to Russia, and killed Mishkin before capturing Simonova and taking her to Janus. On the way, Bond chased them through St. Petersburg in a tank. After arriving at Janus' trainyard Ourumov killed the driver of his car and handed Natlya off to Xenia. Ourumov then guarded Simonova on the short journey before he was called to bring her to another car. There James Bond informed him that Janus was a Cossack. This caused Ourumov to question his loyalties before being shot in the head by the escaping Janus.

Game biography

GoldenEye 007 (1997 game)

General Ourumov in GoldenEye 007 (1997)

Gottfried John's General Ourumov in GoldenEye 007.



  1. (1996) GoldenEye. London, England: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. ISBN 978-0340660713. 

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