George Leech (1921-2012) was a stuntman who gained fame from playing various heavies and/or villains in the James Bond franchise. Leech is the father of stuntwoman Wendy Leech and father in-law of longtime 007 stunt performer and coordinator Vic Armstrong.

Leech passed away in 2012 and like Jim Dowdall and Bob Anderson, he often played henchmen who met their fate at the title character's hand as well as arranging various stuntwork and fight sequences. He provided stunt acting as a Decontamination Technician in Dr. No, as a Q Division Techician in Goldfinger, as one of Largo's henchmen in Thunderball and stunts in both 1967's Casino Royale and You Only Live Twice.

He also performed a minor stunt as a ski henchman in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, a stunt in Diamonds Are Forever involving a mud bath, a role as a Drax minion in Moonraker and a final stunt as a henchman eaten by a shark in For Your Eyes Only.

He is the only other known performer besides Burt Kwouk and Terry Richards to appear in both the 1967 Casino Royale parody and You Only Live Twice, both of which came out the same year coincidentally.