G17 3rd gen

A Glock 17 appears in the game as the "Kowloon Type 40" and the "Kowloon Type 80", the Type 80 being capable of full auto fire as opposed to the Type 40's three-round burst. The K-80 is only available in multiplayer, or as an upgrade for a high score in single player. In multiplayer mode, villain characters can wield akimbo Kowloon pistols. Appears in 007: Nightfire.

In 007: Quantum of Solace, The Glock 17 pistol appears in the game as the GF17. This of course is a reference to the film Goldfinger. It can be equipped with a suppressor. The Glock 17 was featured in Tomorrow Never Dies       a and Casino Royale.

In the Wii version, the there is no G18/17. They are replaced with a Glock 17. This is called the GF18.

Film appearances

In Skyfall, Glock 17s are seen as several police officers' service weapons. Patrice used one attached with a silencer to kill two guards in Shanghai. One of Silva's henchmen holds one on Bond while he and Silva play William Tell and after Silva cheated by killing Sévérine, Bond manages to grab it and shoot the henchmen down and held Silva at gunpoint with it until MI6 backup came and arrested Silva. After escaping and dressing up as a police officer, Silva is handed a Glock 17 by one of his men and when they attacked the inquiry that M was attending and tried to shoot her, only for her to be saved by her soon-to-be successor Gareth Mallory, who took the bullet to his shoulder. Bond kicks a Glock 17 to Eve Moneypenny to help him defend M. Mallory picks up one from a police officer who just got shot and manages to kill one of Silva's men with it.

Video-game appearances


Glock 17 (Nightfire, PC) 1

A Glock 17 in the James Bond video-game Nightfire (2002, PC variant).

The Desert Eagle also appears in 007: Nightfire as the " ".