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GoldenEye, a discharged MI6 agent and Auric Goldfinger's former enforcer, is the main character in the 2004 James Bond video game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. The character is not part of the formal Bond continuity, as the game's plot is set in an alternate timeline.

Game biography

MI6 Operative

GoldenEye was recruited into MI6 in 2001, and was on the verge of becoming a 00-agent when, according to a recording by M, Head of MI6: "Three years ago, while on assignment, the agent was severely wounded in an encounter with Dr. No, and subsequently lost the use of his right eye. Consumed with vengeance, he frequently resorts to violence and brutality, and is no longer fit for service with MI6." According to the account, when he was sent on a mission to arrest Dr. Julius No, he was captured and was shot in the face by Dr. No himself; in particular, his right eye. After his escape, he was consumed with vengeance against Dr. No, and started to get sloppy with his mission assignments. This is where the game begins...

Rogue Agent

Three years after the incident which claimed GoldenEye's right eye, he is evaluated through a holographic simulation in which he is paired with James Bond to stop Auric Goldfinger, now allied with SPECTRE, from blowing up Fort Knox. He fails miserably, being directly responsible for the death of 007 (in the simulation, not real life), and on the charges of "inappropriate firepower use, a high bodycount and reckless brutality", is dismissed from MI6 for life.

GoldenEye is then recruited by the real Goldfinger as his enforcer. For this job, GoldenEye is given a gold-hued cybernetic eye, hence the moniker "GoldenEye". His eye is upgraded gradually; starting with MRI vision, then an EM Hack feature, then the powerful Magnetic Polarity Shield, finally the super powerful Magnetic Induction Field.

He fights against Dr. No's forces in many locations; from Auric Enterprises to Hong Kong, from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, to the Octopus library facility and finally Crab Key, where GoldenEye kills Dr. No by having his heavy water nuclear reactor electrocute him.

But, the final showdown takes place in the headquarters of SPECTRE, a lair built inside an extinct volcano. Goldfinger deploys the OMEN, (Organic Mass Energy Neutralizer), which releases energy capable of breaking down organic matter on a nearly atomic level, resulting in disintegration. Many SPECTRE soldiers are captured. GoldenEye arrives at the lair with Pussy Galore, and proceeds to battle with Goldfinger's personal troops. After GoldenEye frees the prisoners, they fight alongside him, and help him get to Goldfinger himself.

There, GoldenEye is apparently captured and listens to Goldfinger gloat. However it is a ruse, and GoldenEye secretly plants a virus inside the OMEN that causes it to explode. After GoldenEye, Galore, Francisco Scaramanga, and GoldenEye's troops escape, GoldenEye and Galore fly off into the sunset. Scaramanga and a mysterious character discuss what to do with GoldenEye, and decide to simply see what he does next before proceeding...


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