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The GoldenEye soundtrack cover.

The GoldenEye soundtrack was composed by Éric Serra. Serra's score is often criticized by Bond fans and is considered the farthest departure from a traditional Bond score in the series history. The producers later hired John Altman to provide the music for the tank chase in St. Petersburg. Serra's original track for that sequence can still be found on the soundtrack as A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg. The incidental music for the film has thus far been the only collaboration on a James Bond film. Parisian Éric Serra composed and performed a number of synthesizer tracks, including the version of the James Bond Theme that plays during the gun barrel sequence, while John Altman and David Arch provided the more traditional symphonic music.

The theme song, GoldenEye, was written by Bono and The Edge, and was performed by Tina Turner. The Swedish group Ace Of Base were also involved at one point, producing a song also called "GoldenEye". This song was later released with slightly revised lyrics as The Juvenile on their 2002 album Da Capo. In addition to the Bondian bass line, it seems that the lyric 'The Juvenile' simply replaced 'The GoldenEye'. The other lyrics, most notably the line "Tomorrow's foe is now a friend" obviously refer to the plot of this film.

The film features the song Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette. The song is sung in the film by Minnie Driver in the scene in which Bond confronts Zukovsky. Intended to be a comic moment, Driver intentionally sings the song off-key in an exaggerated Russian accent.

Track listing

  1. GoldenEye - Tina Turner
  2. GoldenEye Overture: (Pt.1) Half of Everything Is Luck (Pt.2)
  3. Ladies First
  4. We Share the Same Passions: (Pt.1) the Trip to Cuba (Pt.2)
  5. Little Surprise for You: (Pt. 1) Xenya (Pt.2) D.M. Mychkine
  6. Severnaya Suite: (Pt.1) Among the Dead (Pt.2) Out of Hell (Pt.3)
  7. Our Lady of Smolensk
  8. Whispering Statues: (Pt.1) Whispers (Pt.2) Two Faced
  9. Run, Shoot, and Jump
  10. Pleasant Drive in St. Petersburg
  11. Fatal Weakness
  12. That's What Keeps You Alone
  13. Dish Out of Water: (Pt.1) a Good Squeeze (Pt.2) the Antenna
  14. Scale to Hell: (Pt.1) Boris and the Lethal Pen/(Pt.2) I Am Invincible
  15. For Ever, James
  16. Experience of Love

Theme song

GoldenEye is the theme song of the film GoldenEye, released in 1995. It was written by U2's Bono and The Edge, and performed by Tina Turner.

Opening Title Sequence

1995 - James Bond - Goldeneye title sequence

1995 - James Bond - Goldeneye title sequence

Music Video

James Bond GoldenEye Music Video ~ Tina Turner Drumble007 channel page

James Bond GoldenEye Music Video ~ Tina Turner Drumble007 channel page