Golgov's missile complex (James Bond 007, GB) 1

Exterior shot of the junkyard entrance to Golgov's complex, as seen in James Bond 007 (1998).

Golgov's missile complex is a fictional Russian ballistic missile complex operated by rogue General Golgov and located in central Russia. The site appears in the final levels of the 1998 James Bond video-game James Bond 007 for the Nintendo Game Boy.


After preventing rogue Russian General Golgov from destabilising Kurdistan, James Bond is given a guide and departs for Russia to infiltrate Golgov's hidden base. Entering via a junkyard, 007 is confronted by old enemy Jaws, who he dispatches using the junkyard's electromagnets. Inside, the giant base is divided into sections that are blocked by locked doors, accessible by combination switches in several separate security stations. Bond finds that his ally Zhong Mae has been captured and tied to one of the General's five nuclear missiles. Bond confronts Golgov, who attacks him in an armed mechanical suit. 007 defeats him, but the General triggers the launch sequence for the missiles with his dying breath. Avoiding the missile complex's automated laser and machine-gun defence systems, Bond disarms the weapons and foils the General's scheme.



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