Greene Planet is an environmentalist corporation founded by Quantum member Dominic Greene. The organization is supposedly devoted to buying up large sums of land for ecological preservation but is merely a front for Quantum activity. It appears in the 2008 film Quantum of Solace.

Film appearances

Greene runs an organisation called Greene Planet, which is supposedly devoted to buying up large sums of land for ecological preservation. This, however, is a front for his real plan, to control various commodities such as oil and water, the latter having to do with his current plot. Greene plans to control the supply of water in Bolivia, which if successful will put his organization in control of the country's most vital asset. To make the transaction, "legal," Greene approaches the president of Bolivia with an offer - a large some of money for 60% control of the water. The president refuses, so Greene takes his offer to the exiled dictator of Bolivia, General Medrano. He makes the general an offer to return him to power in exchange for a large region of apparently barren land. Medrano accepts, thinking the barren region to be worthless. It is only after the transaction has been made that Greene reveals his extortionate plans.

Known members and associates

  • Dominic Greene – The head of Greene Planet. Secretly, he was leader of Quantum's Tierra Project and a major player in the organization. He was assassinated for betraying Quantum.
  • Elvis - Second-in-command of Greene Planet and Greene's right-hand man. Incinerated by explosion, caused by James Bond.
  • Greene's Driver - Chauffeur and bodyguard of Dominic Greene. Shot by Bond.

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