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Guy Haines is a special advisor to the British Prime Minister and, unbeknownst to international authorities, a high-ranking member of the criminal organization Quantum. The character appears in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and is also the main antagonist of his video-game adaptation. He was portrayed by Paul Ritter.

Film biography

Guy Haines one of the attendees at a meeting of Quantum which takes place during a performance of Tosca at an opera house in Bregenz, Austria. He seems to have particular sway on their relations with the Americans, as indicated by his insistence that he'll deal with the CIA after they cheat them out of the water monopoly. Bond identifies Haines as one of Quantum's members and chases after his bodyguard, who has been assigned to him by Special Branch, believing him to be associated with Quantum. Bond throws him off the roof and he is shot on Dominic Greene's orders, to prevent the man from identifying him as a member of Quantum.

Deleted scenes

Though unused in the final cut of Quantum of Solace, a closing scene was shot where Bond arrived at Guy Haines' estate. In this scene Bond kills co-conspirator Mr. White and begins to interrogate Haines about Quantum; instead the producers chose to use the traditional gunbarrel sequence at the end of the film instead of this scene. This deleted scene was withheld from the Quantum of Solace DVD releases and remains unseen by the public.

The final scene at the end of the Quantum of Solace video game shows Bond arriving outside Haines' estate. Inside Haines and Mr. White are shown to have access to the MI6 computer and its information regarding Quantum.


  • Guy Haines shares his name with one of the characters from Strangers on a Train.
  • Due to the implication in the 2015 James Bond film SPECTRE that the Quantum organisation was disbanded, there is a possibility that Haines was either arrested, excommunicated, or killed by SPECTRE.


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