Haines' bodyguard was assigned to protect Guy Haines, a special advisor to the British Prime Minister and, unbeknownst to international authorities, a member of the criminal organization Quantum. He appears in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace and was portrayed by stuntman Derek Lea.

Film biography

The otherwise unnamed bodyguard was assigned to protect Guy Haines by Special Branch and was present with the official during a covert meeting of Quantum at an opera house in Bregenz, Austria. Bond identifies Haines as one of Quantum's members and chases after the bodyguard, believing him to be associated with Quantum. Following a shoot-out, Bond corners him on top of the building and throws him off the roof. His fall is broke by the hood of Greene's car. He is shot by Greene's Driver on Dominic's orders, presumably to prevent the man from identifying him as a member of Quantum.


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