Hamilton is a minor character from the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. While engaged in a stakeout at one of Dr. Kananga's Fillet of Soul restaurants, Hamilton falls victim to one of the Caribbean dictator's assassins. He is portrayed by Robert Dix, but actually voiced by Shane Rimmer.

Film biography

Waiting alone on a street corner in New Orleans, Louisiana, the dead atmosphere is quickly awakened by the sound of a funeral dirge as a jazz band slowly parades down the street. Another man walks up along side Hamilton as he pays his last respects to the weeping widow.

Hamilton turns to the man next to him and casually asks, "Whose funeral is it?" The man replies "Yours!" and stabs the agent to death with a concealed flick-knife. Collapsing into the road, his corpse is lifted by the passing funeral cortege who break into a triumphant parade.

Hamilton is the second of three agents killed by Dr. Kananga during that fateful 24 hours, prompting M to send James Bond to investigate.

Behind the scenes

Initially the role of Hamilton was to be played by a local New Orleans actor, however after discovering the scale of the scene the actor dropped out with cold feet and was replaced by veteran actor Robert Dix. Dix had been visiting Roger Moore, an old friend from his time contracted to MGM, when news of the original actor's decision to drop out came through. Approached by director Guy Hamilton, Dix agreed to perform the minor, yet important, part as a personal favor.[1]


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