Hans is the personal bodyguard of SPECTRE mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He is a tall (6 ft 8 inches), muscular blonde man wearing an all-black outfit who never speaks and appears in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice, played by Ronald Rich and credited simply as "Blofeld's Bodyguard".

Film biography

Blofeld's shadow

Hans is introduced during the first volcano lair scene. During a meeting between Blofeld and some of SPECTRE's investors who are paying him to start a war between Russia and the United States of America, Hans is shown feeding Blofeld's pet piranhas. He is also present during the execution of Helga Brandt by the same piranhas. When James Bond is captured and brought before Blofeld in the control room, Hans moves to stand between his master and 007, effectively blocking Blofeld's face from the camera's view of the villain's face, as per Blofeld's previous film appearances. However Blofeld makes Hans step aside, revealing his scarred visage to Bond for the first time.



Devoured by Blofeld's pet piranhas.

During the assault on the volcano lair by Tiger Tanaka's ninja strike force, Blofeld opts to escape with his life, and here we see how loyal Hans is to his employer. Rather than accompany Blofeld, Hans is commanded to remain behind and blow up SPECTRE's spacecraft, Bird One, after it intercepts and captures the orbiting American vessel. Hans dutifully obeys, and ends up getting into an extended fight with Bond in Blofeld's personal quarters when the British agent attempts to get into the control room to blow up the SPECTRE rocket before it captures the American one. The fight ends when Bond retrieves the self-destruct key and throws Hans into the pool with the very same piranhas he'd been seen feeding earlier, and the hulking bodyguard is devoured alive as Bond wishes the fish "Bon appetit!"

Behind the scenes

As played by Ronald Rich, Hans' appearance as an imposingly tall, tough, steel-eyed blond enforcer recalls Robert Shaw's characterization of the menacing and ruthless blond SPECTRE assassin, Red Grant in 1963's From Russia with Love.