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Hawkins is a DEA agent and associate of Felix Leiter who appears in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill. He was portrayed by Grand L. Bush.

Film biography

During the pré-credit sequence, Hawkins and his DEA colleague Mullens appears helicopter side of the car that carries the Leiter, Bond and Sharkey for the wedding of the first in Florida, where Bond is the godfather of best friend. Hawkins tells Leiter that supertraficante Franz Sanchez was located and Leiter follows in the helicopter with Bond going as "observer" to catch the trafficker. Sanchez finally is captured in his single-engine in midair after Bond, hanging from a Coast Guard helicopter where they are Hawkins and Mullens, holds the tail of the small plane with a steel cable to the helicopter.

Later, when Bond around the airport that would ship to London to learn that Sanchez escaped and learns the death of his wife Della, wanting revenge, Hawkins addresses on the street, criticizes his attempt to involvement in the case of Leiter and leads with other men DEA to the house where 007 is received by M and has his license to kill revoked.

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