"Walther PPK. Standard issue of the British Secret Service. Licence to kill...or be killed. Take him away."
― Hector Gonzales (his only lines in the film)[src]

Hector Gonzales is a fictional Cuban hitman hired by Aris Kristatos to murder the Havelocks and the quaternary antagonist in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. Portrayed by actor Stefan Kalipha, the character is based to Major Gonzales, a character in the 1960 short-story For Your Eyes Only.

Film biography

Hector Gonzales is employed by greek smuggler Aris Kristatos to kill Sir Timothy Havelock, the man who was employed by the British governement to find the sunken ship containing the ATAC de vise. Gonzales poses as a pilot for the Athens-based Kerkyra Charter Service in order to murder Havelock and his wife, Iona. He flies Timothy and Iona's daughter Melina to her parents' research ship, the Triana in Corfu Harbour. He then turns his seaplane around and guns down Havelock and his wife, but not Melina, who was in the cabin at the process.

The Greek police identify Gonzales using Melina's description. Through a detective agency, Melina tracks Gonzales to a villa outside Madrid, Spain. After Gonzales receives a payment from his employer, Aris Kristatos' henchman Locque for the Havelock murders, he finds that Bond has been snopping around his party. Bond is searched and his firearm is confiscated, to which Gonzales remarks Bond is part of MI6 as his pistol is a standard issue Walther PPK, and for him to be "taken away". Immediately afterward Melina, hiding in nearby bushes, shoots him in the back with her crossbow simultaneously as he dives in to the swimming pool. In the resulting chaos Bond and Melina escapes.

Gonzales's death raises the ire of Bond's superiors, who ordered him to interrogate Gonzales, "not perforate him" (although Bond was not the killer). Bond saves his skin by pointing out (the not-yet identified) Locque was the connection they needed. This also causes Melina to resume her vendetta as she realizes Gonzales was only the pawn in the murder of her parents.

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