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Hector Lopez is the mock president of Isthmus, a country in Central America. He is not the true president, but was put to the title by drug baron Franz Sanchez under a puppet government that he controls. The puppet regime helps Sanchez to maintain a legitimate image in the international community (but barely) and smuggling of drugs under diplomatic seal if need be. It is evident Lopez is unhappy with his presidency, but Sanchez has tolerated him for the time being. Lopez appears once at the palatial Sanchez residence complaining that a check Sanchez cut to him bounced. Sanchez coldly reminds Lopez that he is only "president for life", but does apologize for the bounced check, giving Lopez cash instead.

Lopez is later seen at the party in Sanchez's residence, to which he is set up as a couple with Lupe Lamora. Presumably the death of Sanchez gave Lopez greater power than as a puppet, and implied that he will work to ensure Isthmus stays out of narcoterrorism.

Behind the scenes

He is played by the late Pedro Armendáriz, Jr.

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