Hei Ding is a fictional North Korean 'nymph of the forest' who appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage, during its Golden Rules story-line.

Game biography

As the oppression in her home state increased to the point where life was nearly unbearable, Hei Ding's parents chose to hide her very existence from the authorities. Raised in the mountains and forests surrounding her home place, Hei Ding remains unassimilated into the dominant socialist state surrounding her. Instead, she lives in a dream-like world populated by her imagination. Traditional Korean nature spirits make up most of her 'friends'. As likely to speak with a tree or a bird as with a human, her ways can seem strange to outsiders.[1]

Escaping his captors and crossing the border, James Bond encounters this 'curious nymph of the forest' whilst searching for Korean warlord Whar Zin's bio-weapon facility. He enlists her help and she reveals that the pathogen is spread by local wildlife, specifically the birds, who have become sickly. He later reunites with her and is led to a lake in the crater of a nearby mountain, where the birds come to die in their droves. She herself falls ill whilst there and reveals that she had been abandoned as a child in a village near the forest; her mother had been abducted and subsequently left for dead. Left alone by Whar Zin's men, Hei believes that she is his illegitimate child.

Noted for her naive personality, she is skilled in stealth, climbing and surveillance, and is multi-lingual, speaking Korean, Chinese and English. The character offers a buff to Stamina and provides a +20HP bonus in Conflict and Villain fights using rebreathers, a +10 Stamina bonus using base-jumping gear, and a 25% increase to critical hit damage using collapsible swords. She is a "legendary agent" (gold) and can be levelled to level 50.


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