Inspector Heinrich Osten is a minor villain in the James Bond novel Nobody Lives For Ever.

Novel biography

After a roadside explosion of a silver Renault 25 driven by Steve Quinn and his men, Austrian police officers arrive shortly after the scene. Nannie Norrich identifies one of them as "Der Haken" (which translates to "The Hook"), and claims he is "the most ruthless, corrupt bastard in Austria." Osten inspects the damaged Bentley Mulsanne Turbo vehicle, and introduces himself to the three. Bond drives Osten, Sukie Tempesta, and Norrich down to the police headquarters.

There, two of Osten's men hustles Tempesta and Norrich away from Bond, while he and his three men escort Bond up the elevators to a luxurious apartment suite. Almost immediately, Osten tells Bond he will be a "dead man", and orders one of his men to make Bond turn on the television. Displayed on the television screen was news coverage of the exploded silver Renault surrounded by police and ambulance; also reported is Osten and his men being reported dead while Bond, Tempesta, and Norrich are said to be unidentified and wanted for questioning.

Osten further explains that when he learned of the kidnapping of May and Moneypenny during his investigation, he sought out to enter the Head Hunt in order to win the prize, and claims three mutilated bodies will be found in the Turbo. When Bond demands for the two women to be released, Osten denies this request, and explains that he will have the three hostages locked up in a room. Further questions from Bond leads to him to know the men in the Renault were associates of the Unione Corse (as Osten understands). Later on, Bond is locked in a guest bedroom. Meanwhile, Osten proceeds to make an important phone call to SPECTRE.

Using a toolkit developed by Q'ute and his belt, Bond escapes through the window on the wall, and ultimately hears Wolfgang Mozart's music where he finds Osten's accomplices murdered with Osten himself hanged with the point of a hook inserted into his throat.

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