Lieutenant Hip is a British Secret Service operative from the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. He was portrayed by Soon-Taik Oh.

Film biography

Lieutenant Hip is first seen when James Bond goes to the Bottoms Up Club. He meets with Gibson to talk about the solex agitator, which is 95% efficient. When leaving the Bottoms Up club, Gibson is shot by Francisco Scaramanga. When Hip can't find the solex agitator, he arrests Bond and tells him he is taking him the station. After boarding a boat, Bond becomes suspicious and decides to escape when the boat passes close to a sunken liner. Bond then discovers the sunken liner is a base of operations for MI6 in Hong Kong. He is then embarrassingly introduced to his new partner at the start of a briefing by M.

Later, Lieutenant Hip shows Bond where Hai Fat's mansion is, Bond enters even with Hip warning about the guards.

Hip also arrives at Hai Fat's martial arts academy with his nieces Cha and Nara and helps Bond to escape by beating up the martial arts students chasing him.

When Bond meets Andrea Anders with the solex agitator, Hip is disguised as a Peanut vendor, which helps Bond give him the Solex.

Hip makes is final apparence during a last briefing with M.


  • The character's profile in the Victory Games role-playing game gives his full name as Chong Sun Hip.

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