Hugo Grande was a character in the 2012 Young Bond Novel Shoot to Kill.

Novel Biography

Shoot to Kill

Hugo was a student at Dartington Hall in Totnes, England. Due to his dwarfism, he was often the subject of scorn, and as such began to put himself down before others could have a chance to. When James Bond came to Dartington, Hugo became a close associate of Bond's, and the two were among the four students selected to visit the Anton Kostler school in Los Angeles.

The two were then roommates aboard the Allworld Zeppelin, and in the hotel Los Angeles, but on their return trip from a tour of Kostler Studios, Hugo was thrown from the car when the children were abandoned by the chauffeur. He took refuge under another car, but when James found him, the car's owners were there, and ready to drive away. Hugo and James narrowly escaped bodily harm when the car rolled away. Hugo then waited on a bench while James went to get him first aid. When Hugo had recovered, they all took a tour of Kostler Academy, where he was referred to as "dwarf" by Martyn Kostler, prompting Hugo to use the fighting experience he gained from his brother to bring Kostler down.

Hugo and James were then left at the hotel while the others attended a party thrown by Anton Kostler. While at the hotel, the two intercepted a package containing a film reel of real torture scenes they had seen at Dartington Hall, and which fellow student Daniel Sloaman had assured them had been sent back to Totnes. Hugo was then approached by English secret service agent Adam Elmhirst, who was also on Kostler's tail, who took Hugo and his chaperon to his hotel, which was out of Kostler's reach. Elmhirst then enlisted Hugo's aid in navigating Kostler Academy. They found Kostler, but he outsmarted them, and Hugo and Elmhirst had to alert the authorities while Bond boarded Kostler's escape vehicle and brought the director down.