The imposter 00 is an unnamed fictional assassin in the employ of rogue Soviet General Georgi Koskov. The character appeared in EON Productions' 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights and was portrayed by British actor Carl Rigg.

Film biography

Posing as a 00 agent of the British Secret Service, the unnamed assassin was sent by General Koskov to assassinate one of its operatives during a training exercise in Gibraltar; hoping to prompt British retaliation against KGB Head, General Pushkin. Watching the three double-0 agents parachute onto the island, the assassin singles out 004 and attempts to execute the vulnerable agent as he scales the cliff face. He is interrupted by an unwitting SAS man, who mistakes the assassin for one of the 00s, and shoots him with a silenced pistol. He proceeds to slide a note marked "Smiert Spionem" (meaning "Death to spies" in Russian) down 004's climbing rope, before severing it and causing the agent to fall to his death. Trying to escape, the imposter kills a second SAS guard and steals a Land Rover packed with explosives, but he's chased by James Bond who jumps onto the roof of the vehicle. As he smashes through a checkpoint, hitting a third guard, the troops fire on the vehicle, causing the explosives to ignite. Bond cuts through the car's canvas top and tries to stab the impostor, but is forced to drop his knife. The out-of-control vehicle drives off the road and through a low wall, hurtling off the edge of the cliff towards the sea below. 007 escapes by pulling his parachute cord and the explosives violently explode, destroying the Land Rover and killing the screaming imposter instantly.



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