Iona Havelock is the wife of marine archaeologist Sir Timothy Havelock and the mother of Melina Havelock. She appears briefly in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, portrayed by Toby Robins.

Film biography

While operating in the Ionian Sea, the British spy ship St. Georges is sunk by an old mine hauled up in its fishing nets. The ship was equipped with ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator); a device which controls and co-ordinates Britain's nuclear submarine fleet. Marine archaeologist, Sir Timothy Havelock, is hired by the British Secret Service to locate the wreck of St. Georges. In a bid to steal the ATAC and deliver it to the Soviets, smuggler Aris Kristatos has the Havelocks murdered by Cuban hitman Hector Gonzales; attracting the attention of James Bond and Havelock's vengeful daughter Melina.

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