Ivor Lambert was a character in the 1971 James Bond Comic Fear Face.

Comic Biography

Lambert was an engineer at Technotron, LTD., a company that experimented with robots. Lambert was heavily involved in the designing of a program that allowed for remote control of robots, and after he left the firm, he then stole the prototype and used it to murder a stripper and then was enlisted by Ferenc Kress to help him steal mining maps. Lambert then built another robot and put flesh coatings on it to infiltrate Magnus Mining and make a video recording of the maps before self-destructing. Lambert then waited at his home with Kress for their client to come for the tapes, but it is infiltrated by James Bond and Briony Thorne, who are bound and gagged and left in Lambert's care. Bond cuts his bonds on a table saw, and throws a wrench at Lambert to disarm him, and he took Lambert's gun before calling the authorities and having Ferenc and Lambert arrested.

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