Jack Strap is a fictional American gangster working with Auric Goldfinger. A minor character, Strap was an adaptation of Ian Fleming's literary character of the same name and appeared in EON Productions' 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. He was portrayed by actor Hal Galili.

Film biography

Jack Strap is one of a trio of American Mafia bosses who join up with Auric Goldfinger for "Operation Grand Slam". Midnight's mission was to supply the nerve gas, shipped to the United States from Canada, that would be used to kill the guards at Fort Knox. He, Solo and Midnight were promised one million dollars in stolen gold bullion for their participation. However, they were duped by Goldfinger, who, after explaining that he plans to irradiate the gold, not steal it, has his henchman Kisch gas them all with deadly Delta Nine nerve gas.

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