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James Bond: 007 is a series of comic books featuring Ian Fleming's superspy James Bond in a contemporary setting. The franchise consists of a core series with rotating authors, several standalone stories, and a spinoff featuring Felix Leiter

Entries in the series

After securing the rights to the Bond franchise, Dynamite went to work on VARGR, their first entry in the series which was met with success, and continued into its next story arc Eidolon. A Limited series by the name of Hammerhead was also produced. However, at that point they briefly ceased production and relaunched the series with a mildly re-tooled format. The change consisted of restarting the issue numbers at number One at each story arc, as opposed to having a continuous issue count, and with that left behind the monthly publishing schedule. On Dynamite Entertainment's website, Black Box Issue 1 is listed as being the only entry in the second volume of their James Bond run, and the rest are treated as completely independent entries, more like Hammerhead was organized alongside James Bond Volume One, consisting of VARGR and Eidolon. As the main series continued, other limited series entered production, and spinoffs featuring Felix Leiter and Moneypenny began.

Main Series

Volume One

Title Year Author
VARGR Omnibus VARGR 2015 Jason Ellis
Eidolon Omnibus Eidolon 2016

Volume Two

Title Year Author
Black Box HC Black Box 2016 Benjamin Percy

Standalone Storylines

Title Year Author
Hammerhead Omnibus Hammerhead 2016 Andy Diggle
JB007 Service Special - Jamie McKelvie Service 2017 Kieron Gillen
Kill Chain HC Kill Chain Andy Diggle
JB Solstice 00 Solstice Ibrahim Moustafa
JB Casino Royale HC - Fay Dalton Casino Royale Van Jensen
James Bond The Body The Body 2018 Ales Kot

Spinoff Series

Title Year Author
Felix HC James Bond: Felix Leiter 2017 James Robinson
Moneypenny Oneshot - Tula Lotay James Bond: Moneypenny Jody Houser
M Cover James Bond: M 2018 Declan Shalvey

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