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The James Bond 007 Secret Service Game (box)

Front cover of a James Bond 007 Secret Service Game (1966) box.

James Bond 007, also known as The James Bond 007 Secret Service Game was a board game for two to four players, published by the British board game company Spear's Games in 1965.


The object of the game is to obtain a suitcase with a secret formula, placed in the middle of the board. The player moves with one of the 9 cards which are dealt initially. If the player uses a card, he/she gets another one from the deck. If one player has the suitcase, the others try to intercept it. The one who gets the suitcase back to his base, wins. [1] The set came with 72 cards, 4 Boats, 4 Cars, 1 Case, 4 James Bond Figures, and Game Board.



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