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James Bond 007 is a Game Boy video game starring James Bond. Released in 1998, and capitalising on the success of GoldenEye, the game features an original story mixing together characters from multiple James Bond films, from Oddjob to Jaws. Unlike GoldenEye 007, Bond game, this title was of the adventure genre, viewed from a top-down perspective. It also incorporated gambling mini-games such as Baccarat and Blackjack.


Gameplay for James Bond 007 place in a top-view mode. As James Bond, the player can control an arsenal of weapons and items, though he can only use two at a time.


M, head of MI6, instructs James Bond to go on a mission to stop an illegal weapons ring run by General Golgov. 003 has already been sent but is classified as "missing in action". 007 must find 003's whereabouts, stop the weapons ring, and of course, get the girl.

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