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A list of Villains that only appears in works of Fanon that May or may not

have something to do with the Films or such but might be Alley turned

Enemies Former Bond girls and rewriting Ones from books comics and

Other Bond media.some May even be from unmade spin offs.

NOTE Some of this fanon is By a certain Editor or any one else so must have permission to Edit before doing so

Movie Villains

Film Villain Goal Aftermach Fate
Diamonds are Forever Blofeld


Allied with The Criminal Organization

Treasure to smuggle diamonds out of South Africa to create a laser satellite To prevent Enemies from Disrupting Underwater Subway Tunnel which contains Documents about About world Crime Syndicates including The Union

Bond Blows up the Subway and reflects the Laser's ray causes it to destroy oil rank with Smuggle aboard One



by Sleep dirt

while the other Seriously

injured in

escape pod

Property of a lady Maria


(Andrea Anders)

Take Vengeance on Bond and MI6 for

Killing off all her SubDivions and their leaders by Offerating a World Smuggling league across the Atlantic and pacific Waters providing $100 billion to fund New Corporations

A now Returned

MI6 Bond Discovers The Training Schools And Stops the Plot Planing to take The mission seriously



the Breasts

by Burning


by Bond

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