James Bond Secret Agent 007 (1964 board game)

Front cover of a James Bond Secret Agent 007 Game (1964) box.

James Bond Secret Agent 007 was a board game for two to four players, published by the American board game company Milton Bradley Company in 1964 to coincide with the release of the third film in the EON Productions James Bond film series Goldfinger. The game was the first 007-themed board game to be released and the success of Goldfinger led to six other games being released onto the market by companies such as Milton Bradley, Ideal and Tri-Ang in the subsequent two years.[1]


The object of the game is to move three plastic coloured agents around the board and complete spying missions at locations given to players from a deck of orange mission cards. Points are scored according to a clock on the board (one o'clock only scores 1 point, 12 o'clock scores 12 points), the hour hand of which advances one hour for each agent moved during a turn. If a player's score is between 13 and 63, agents may "rendezvous" at the same location, with multiple points awarded. The winner is the first agent to amass 100 points. The game’s board features a number of locations such as a mountain cabin, a casino, a deserted mine, a cemetery, a warehouse and a back alley. [1][2]


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