James Suzuki is the son of James Bond and Kissy Suzuki. He is mentioned in Ian Fleming's 'You Only Live Twice' novel and Raymond Benson's 'Blast From the Past' short story.

You Only Live Twice

Bond sustains amnesia in the aftermath of his vendetta against Blofeld and is believed dead by Tiger, Dikko Henderson and his superiors; in reality, he comes to believe he is a fisherman and lives with Kissy for several months. When Bond decides to leave for Vladivostok, Russia, believing the answers to his identity are there, Kissy does not follow; unknown to Bond, she is pregnant with his child. Kissy Suzuki (at least the literary version) remains the only character who bears a child by him (that has been revealed at least).

Blast From The Past

Kissy Suzuki appears again in the Bond canon in "Blast From the Past", a short story published in 1996 by Raymond Benson as a direct sequel to You Only Live Twice. By the time of this story, Kissy is now deceased (having succumbed to ovarian cancer a few years before the story's events) and Bond is contacted by his Anglo-Japanese son named James Suzuki (of whom he has evidently learned of in the interim.) Although Bond knew of the birth of his son early on; he has not apparently paid much attention to his duties as a father; save for paying for the tuition and expenses when his son was a college undergraduate.

Bond receives a message, apparently from his son James Suzuki, asking him to come to New York City on an urgent matter. When Bond arrives, he finds his son murdered. With the aid of an SIS agent, he learns that James was killed in revenge by Irma Bunt for the murder of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and a woman whom Bond assumed had died alongside Blofeld (again in You Only Live Twice). James Suzuki's death was by way of being force fed fugu syrup, akin to a murder in You Only Live Twice. Bond's victory over Bunt is hollow, due to him having to come to grips with his absentee fathering and not spending time with the his only remaining blood relative.

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