Jang-Mi Gin is a fictional North Korean bio-weapon technician working for warlord Whar Zin. The character appeared in the 2015 video-game James Bond: World of Espionage, during its Golden Rules story-line.

Game biography

As cruel and unfeeling as she is brilliant and resourceful, Jang-mi Gin began life as the privileged daughter of a high ranking military official in North Korea. As a teenager, she became dissatisfied with life and escaped. A deadly feature of the Delhi underworld, she soon developed a taste for extortion which she used to extract many deadly secrets from the local universities. Bond later detects a hint of an English accent in her speech, indicating the possibility that she may be Oxford educated.[1] She first appears in the Golden Rules story-line, as James Bond stumbles across her whilst investigating a North Korean bio-weapons facility in which she works. She is conducting human testing of a prion on local villagers caught trying to escape across the border. Posing as a visiting scientist, 007 pockets a phial of antidote to Whar Zin's pathogen and knocks her unconscious as she raises the alarm.

Noted for being an addict, she is skilled in medicine, interrogation and deception, and is multilingual, speaking Chinese, Korean, English and Hindi. The character offers a 25 bonus damage buff and provides a 10% chance to increase critical damage by 100% using throwing knives, as well as a +100HP bonus in Alliance Wars using poisoned rings. She is an 'uncommon agent' (green) and can be levelled to level 15.


  1. In-game agent dossier, James Bond: World of Espionage.

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