Jessica Barnes is Severan Hydt's personal secretary and lover in the 2011 James Bond novel Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver.

Novel Biography

Carte Blanche

Jessica was a former beauty pageant competitor who at one point won the Miss Massachusetts title. As a child, Jessica looked up to Jackie Kennedy, whom she was able to meet in the pageant circuit. She stopped competing when she became too old for it. her post-pageant career consisted of work in commercials and infomercials, which left her feeling unfulfilled. She met Severan Hydt while working as a hostess at a restaurant in New York. they formed a deep connection and she was hired as Hydt's secretary. They came to be lovers, but as she later confides in Bond, he only loves her because she represents decay. Hydt does not allow her to wear make-up. She becomes an unwitting accomplice to bond when he uses her purse to smuggle in otherwise against-the-rules items into the Green Way plant.